IMG_8570So you bought your own gear, Got set up @ a friends house and laid down your first demo album! But what now? What next?

Well.. If you want a polished sound that makes the difference between a DJ pumpin’ OR dumpin’ your music… then it time to bring it to Chosen Sounds!

You can bring your files to the studio or send them by email and we will mix, master and return them to you!
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Samples here: 

Mix Package 1: EC$320/US$120 (2 track music with vocals & harmonies)
Mix Package 2: EC$650/US$250 (Separated music tracks with vocals and harmonies)

Studio Rate:  EC$130/US$50 hourly
Mastering:  EC$200/US$75 per song

We also produce music on order for Singers and Artists!  Call us for Pricing!